The International Clinical Trial Center Network (ICN) was founded and inaugurated on September 11, 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland.


The foundation of the ICN was initiated by the Clinical Trials Center of the University and University Hospital Zurich (CTC Zurich). In recent years, the CTC Zurich has established bilateral partnerships with highly reputable clinical research institutions located all over the world.

While pursuing these collaborations, the CTC Zurich realized that most, if not all partners have similar interests in furthering clinical research within their own institution and in their regional networks.
Furthermore these institutions have different expertise and specialist capabilities which are often synergistic with the needs of other partners. Thus, the idea was born to improve global clinical research by exchanging know-how in a multilateral manner, facilitated by the founding of an International Clinical Trial Center Network (ICN). The ICN was established and became operational in September 2015.