Are you planning an international investigator initiated trial? Are you planning to open a new study site for your already running clinical trial? Is a rare disease the focus of your research? Have you slow recruitment paces or do you simply want to gather information about different patients’ characteristics? Going abroad might the right solution for you!

Some issues may come up during the planning phase, though. Questions such how to contact the right partners/study centers, what regulations are applicable, what regulatory bodies and ethics committees are involved, how big should the sample be or whether the study is feasible or not…, although overwhelming, must be all taken into account.

ICN, an academic network promoting excellence in clinical research, is willing to assist investigators during the preparation of international investigator initiated trials and is therefore offering a free, short consulting service. If needed, the initial free service could be followed by a chargeable, more intensive, consulting. Our professional consultants are here to help.

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We look forward to assisting you in a near future!