ICN provides an excellent platform for opportunities of international clinical trial collaboration and knowledge exchange. ICN focuses on knowledge exchange between members, including visits, focusing on clinical trial management, Phase-I-Units and biobanks as well as joint grant applications. Here is a track record:-

Joint Projects

  • Joint publication “Toward a global harmonization of service infrastructure in academic clinical trial units: an international survey” (DOI: 10.3389)
  • Survey to collect information on General consent and Informed consent
  • Survey about CTU quality standards
  • Joint publication on “How COVID-19 changed clinical research strategies: a global survey” (DOI: 10.1177/03000605221093179)
  • Survey to collect information on COVID-19 “Selection of research projects, institutional/national/international coordination, role of research infrastructures for support and decision making” to summarize, compare and evaluate the different adaptations to the COVID19 situation in a global context (focus: CTU roles). Also to determine what we can do better for future pandemics.
  • ICN submitted a joint feedback for the ICH Reflection Paper on Patient-Focused Drug Development. Collected feedbacks received were summarized and will be considered when the development of guidance is taken up.
  • RBA (Risk bsed assessment) Survey to evaluate the current situation and implementation

Joint Events

  • CRGo World Conference & ICN Symposium 2023
  • IUKAMM webinar “Against All Odds” (Nov. 2021 with ICN speakers)
  • IUKAMM webinar “Grace under Pressure” (Aug. 2020 with ICN speakers)
  • Intra-KKS collaborations between ICN members
  • Dialogue Days on Global Health Challenges Kampala – Zurich collaboration
  • CRC training program to be developed by SCRI with support of Zurich
  • HKU-CTC – CMUH: Training programme on GCP
  • Introduction of a consulting platform
  • Biobanking tool MLS (Zurich visited Freiburg May / June 2019)
  • Biobank (Zurich visited Graz Spring 2018)