Membership Admission Criteria

General Information

ICN is a multinational platform jointly formed by ten founding members in 2015. Currently ICN has 3 different types of membership:

  • Steering Board Members are the member institutions constituting the ICN Steering Board in accordance with the ICN Governance Charter.
  • Regular Members are clinical trials centres/units (CTUs) that:
    • are non-profit institutions/organizations (e.g. academic institutions, governmentbased institutions or NGOs), or part of such institutions/organizations;
    • have the necessary personnel and resources, as well as good experience and track record in providing a broad range of management and coordination services in support of the initiation and execution of clinical studies at the associated institutions/organizations (see remark below); and
    • (a) represent and support clinical research of the whole institutions/organizations to which they are associated; or
    • (b) represent and support clinical research of certain clinical specialties of their associated institutions/organizations, provided that they have been ICN affiliated members for at least 2 years and demonstrated strong commitment and added good value to ICN (see remark below).

Steering Board and Regular Members should provide mutual support and benefit from each other´s experience.

  • Affiliated Members are organizations/units that do not fulfil the criteria as regular members but, at the Steering Board’s discretion, add value to ICN and international clinical research, which include:
    • Non-profit CTUs that are only supporting one or a few clinical specialties in an institution/organization (see remark below);
    • Non-profit organizations/units that are not CTUs but are involved in or contributing to clinical research (e.g. government-affiliated institutions, NGOs, clinical research networks); or
    • CTUs that are affiliated with private hospitals conducting clinical research.

(Remark: To ensure reasonable representation, exchange and collaboration within ICN, regular members should have good experience in managing/coordinating clinical research, and preferably be able to represent the whole institutions to which they are associated. It is therefore not ICN’s aim to consider regular membership for multiple CTUs from one institution (e.g. three units at one university hospital) or units that perform only single or a few support services.)


Eligible candidates for ICN membership should fulfil the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be located in a countries/jurisdictions with GCP-compliant regulations to ensure that all ICN members apply to comparably high quality standards.
  • The new member provides added value to the network.
  • The new ICN member should support clinical research of the institution/organization to which it is associated.

Application Method
Clinical Trial Centers or institutions willing to join ICN may contact the ICN Operations Team (e.g. through the ICN homepage). After the initial contact, the ICN Operations Team will contact the applicant and request more information on the organization of the applicant, its association, performance track record, etc. The Steering Board will decide about new memberships.

If you are interested in joining the ICN as a member, please fill in the Membership Application Questionnaire .