Phase 1 Clinical Research Unit in Shanghai Has Increased its Bed Number Up to 92

Our ICN founding member Shanghai Clinical Research Center (SCRC) and its Phase I Clinical Research Unit (SCRC-PCRU) is a leading organization involved in Phase I Clinical Trials in China.

Initially located at the Xuhui Central Hospital (see pictures), the 56-bed unit was recently provided with a newly renovated extension with a floor area of 1,000 square meters in hospital Branch (located in ChaLing Road), making a total of 2500 square meters, and the bed number has been increased up to 92 beds. It is devoted to conducting bioequivalence trials and new drug (Phase I) studies, ensuring the highest quality medical care an safety standards. Furthermore, the SCRC is planning to set-up an upgraded clinical research platform, while the Phase I Unit will be enlarged to around 500 beds in three-year time.

We warmly congratulate our colleagues at the SCRC for this achievement and wish them all success for the upcoming development phase!