New Leadership at Clinical Trials Center Zurich

The CTC Zurich was founded in 2006 by Prof Dr Gabriela Senti. Since then, the CTC Zurich collaborates with an impressive range of Swiss clinical trial institutions. Besides providing services to clinical researchers, the CTC focuses on a range of educational opportunities. In April 2019 Dr Regina Grossman succeed Gabriela in her role of Head of CTC Zurich.

Regina Grossman has a broad experience regarding clinical research. After working at the Swiss Health Authority as a GCP inspector and medical reviewer, she joined the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) 8 years ago. She has been involved in monitoring duties and the preparation of regulatory documents for FIM trials in academic research projects. In addition, she has been the Head of Quality Assurance and GCP-Auditor for the last 4 years. She is very enthusiastic about continuing the engagement of CTC Zurich with ICN.