International Presence of Biobank Graz

Located in Graz, Austria, Biobank Graz is a non-profit oriented biobank of the Medical University of Graz and integrated in the university hospital clinics (LKH-Universitätsklinikum Graz). The biobank has been formally established in 2007 and is considered one the largest hospital-based biobanks in Europe harbouring millions of biological specimen and data (e.g. tissues and body fluids) collected throughout more than 3 decades. Internationally active,

Biobank Graz participated recently at the “BioTech Pharma Summit” (February 2019, Porto) and “ISBER Symposium Focus on Quality and Standards” (February 2019, Berlin), during which lectures and posters were presented. Knowledge transfer in biobanking is one of the core values of Biobank Graz. In this context, several educational opportunities are offered for international biobankers and practitioners (short-term courses and master programs). The upcoming sessions can be found via