Kyoto Research Seeds

The Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine and Kyoto University Hospital started some years ago a very ambitious project aiming at converting the findings of basic medicine and biology efficiently into novel clinical trials. This strategic project is being developed by the Institute for Advancement of clinical and Translational Science (iACT). A brochure with selected research projects was issued in 2017. Last year iACT looked worldwide for investigators interested in cooperating with their Japanese researchers for proof-of-concept projects.

At Zurich University Hospital (USZ, Switzerland) and through the Zurich CTC two potential matches (for the provided example and for an additional project) have been identified. In December 2018, Muneo Takatani, Akira Shimizu und Tsutomu Nishimura visited those potential partners in order to better precise possible terms for the potential collaborations.

We wish our Japanese colleagues all the success for this project!