7th International Clinical Trial Center Network (ICN) Steering Board Meeting And 2nd Annual General Meeting 2021

Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit, part of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, proudly hosted the ICN Steering Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting on November 16-17, 2021. Despite the pandemic necessitating a shift to virtual meetings, participants engaged actively and engaged in lively discussions.

At the Steering Board Meeting, Mr. Henry Yau, Managing Director of HKU-CTC and ICN Chairperson, joined Dr. Christiane Blankenstein, Vice Chairperson of Munich Study Center, Technical University of Munich, the ICN Steering Board, and the ICN Operations Team to shape the future of ICN. The Steering Board also laid out a strategic plan for 2022, focusing on values such as “Global, Excellence, Harmonization, Impacts.”

The subsequent Annual General Meeting, held on November 17, 2021, saw the participation of 40 representatives from 18 institutions across the globe. In various work groups, attendees discussed pertinent topics and provided updates on Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) and ongoing Covid-19 research.

We’re excited to announce that the next ICN Steering Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting will be hosted by M√ľnchner Studienzentrum, Technical University Munich, School of Medicine in October 2022.