8th International Clinical Trial Center Network (ICN) Steering Board Meeting And 3rd Annual General Meeting 2022

M√ľnchner Studienzentrum, Technical University Munich, School of Medicine, was proud to successfully host the ICN Steering Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting on October 25-26, 2022. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, participants engaged actively and had lively discussions during these meetings, which were moved to an online format.

During the Steering Board Meeting, Mr. Henry Yau, Managing Director of HKU-CTC and ICN Chairperson, along with Dr. Christiane Blankenstein of Munich Study Center, Technical University of Munich, collaborated with the ICN Steering Board and the ICN Operations Team to shape the future of ICN in the coming years. The Steering Board developed a strategic plan for 2023 and appointed Dr. Christiane Blankenstein as the new ICN Chairperson, and Dr. Tsutomu Nishimura from the Institute for Advancement of Clinical and Translational Science, Kyoto University and Kyoto University Hospital as the ICN Vice-Chairperson for 2023-2025.

The Annual General Meeting, held on October 25, 2022, featured 50 representatives from 16 institutions across the globe. The symposium included discussions on key performance indicators, decentralized clinical trials, machine learning in clinical research, and the pros and cons of real-world evidence against randomized controlled trials. Additionally, an ICN workgroup report was presented.

We look forward to the next ICN Steering Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting, which will be hosted by the Clinical Trials Centre at The University of Hong Kong in November 2023.